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Ganpati Electricals (P) LtdGanpati Electricals (P) LtdGanpati Electricals (P) Ltd

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Fire Fighting Equipments

Fire Fighting Equipments

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Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd. offers a wide range of fire fighting equipments and fire extinguisher holders. Fire is the result of a chemical combustion reaction, typically a reaction between atmospheric oxygen and fuel like wood, gasoline etc. after the latter has reached its ignition temperature. In other words there are three essential elements namely oxygen, fuel and extreme heat involved in this process. Fire extinguishers are designed to remove at least one of these three elements so that the fire will die out.

We advise that everyone should have at least one fire extinguisher at home or office, but it's just as important to ensure you have the proper type of fire extinguisher. While there is a good chance that the extinguisher will sit on the wall for years, collecting dust, it could end up saving your property and even your life. It should be used to extinguish or control small fires only. It is not intended for use on an out-of-control fire, like where there is no escape route. Before trying to put out a fire, sound the fire alarm in the building and alert others to evacuate. Fires can escalate quickly, so be sure help is on the way before you start using a fire extinguisher.

Types of Fire :
  • Class A Fire: Fire fuelled by ordinary combustible materials like paper, wood and cardboard.
  • Class B Fire: Fire fuelled by flammable / combustible liquids like gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil.
  • Class C Fire: Electrical fires caused due to faulty wiring or failure of electrical equipments.
  • Class D Fire: Fire fuelled by combustible metals like Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium etc.
  • Class K Fire: Fires involving cooking oils, trans-fats, or fats in cooking appliances.

It is important to know the exact cause of fire and material present there that will decide the type of fire extinguisher to be used. Using the wrong kind of fire extinguisher can actually make the fire spread faster. Since some fires may involve a combination of these classifications, we suggest that your fire extinguishers ideally should be of ABC rating meaning it can control fire of A, B and C classes.

Types of Fire Extinguishers :
We supply a range of fire extinguishers which can be one of the following types based on the type of fire extinguishing agent.
  • Water or APW (air-pressurized water) Fire Extinguishers: These are suitable for Class A fires only. Never use a water extinguisher on B and C types of fires as these can be very dangerous.
  • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers: They are filled with sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. However, there is left a corrosive residue, which must be cleaned immediately to prevent any damage to materials. These are good for BC fires.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Extinguishers: These are filled with highly pressurized CO2 , which is a non-flammable gas. These can be used on BC fires, but usually ineffective on class A fire.
  • Foam Fire Extinguishers: These are good for AB fires, particularly where petrol, parrafin, oil, varnishes, spirits, flammable liquids are involved. However, these are not recommended for fires involving electricity.
  • Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: These can be used on classes AB fires. However, when used indoors, powder can obscure vision or damage goods and machinery.
  • Clean Agent or Halotron Fire Extinguishers - Clean agent Halotron is discharged as a rapidly evaporating liquid and leaves no residue. It effectively extinguishes Class A, B and electrical fires by cooling and smothering, without conducting electricity back to the operator. The clean agent is pressurized with nitrogen gas.

Fire extinguishers are also categorized into hand held, portable, wall mounted, trolley mounted and automatic systems. Automatic / Modular Type fire extinguishers get operated automatically on pre-set temperature basis. When heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link releases, discharging the extinguishing agent. Since 80% of the most damaging fires occur during night times, week ends or holidays when no one is around, we strongly feel that automatic operation is the only solution for round-the- clock protection against fire.

Colour Coding of Fire Extinguishers :
  • Water - Red
  • Foam - Cream
  • Dry Powder - Blue
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - Black
  • Halon - Green

Fire Extinguisher Holders :
  • Extinguisher stand
  • Extinguisher trolley
  • Extinguisher wall bracket
  • Extinguisher transport bracket
  • Extinguisher box

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher? :
  • Remove the locking pin
  • Press the squeeze grip and the fire extinguishing agent gushes out in less than 1-2 seconds
  • Fire will be put off
  • When needle on the gauge moves to red zone on the zero side, extinguisher needs refilling

Fire Sand Buckets :
In emergency sand can be used to help smother most small fires by starving of oxygen. A fire sand bucket or fire bucket is a steel bucket filled with sand which is used to put out fires. Typically, fire buckets are painted bright red and have the word 'Fire' stencilled on them in white lettering. They are placed in prominent positions in rooms or corridors. The fire buckets are usually made round bottom so that they cannot be used for other purposes. Fire buckets are hung on fire bucket stands or brackets mounted on wall. In some places they are put even on ground in a prominent area.

Fire Bucket Bracket :
These are designed for hanging a fire bucket to a wall, post or support.

Other Fire Safety Accessories :
We supply also a range of other fire fighting accessories like the following.
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Gloves
  • Fire and Smoke Alarms, battery and mains operated
  • Escape Ladders
  • Fire Safety Signs / Charts like those for Fire Exit, Fire Action, Fire Extinguishers etc.
  • First Aid Kit /Box
  • Caution Tape

Warning :
  • When attempting to use a fire extinguisher, always make sure you have easy access to an exit. If the fire begins to spread, do not attempt to put it out yourself. Leave the building as fast as possible and wait for the fire department.
  • Never try to fight a fire if you don't know what is burning. Using the wrong kind of fire extinguisher can actually make the fire spread faster.

Quality Control :
  • Hydraulically pressure tested
  • Quality checks like drop test & performance test
  • 100% hydro and leak tested
  • Epoxy powder coated both internally and externally
  • Undergoes series of tests
  • Quality tests are strictly monitored

Low Price Guarantee :
We make our purchases only from trusted venders at a heavily discounted price and, therefore, we are able to offer our products at a price much lower than from a manufacturer.

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